Welcome to Midas Mode

Attention Dota 2 fans, it is I, Mr. Midas, the billionaire cut throat businessman/bleeding heart philanthropist/living severed hand of a god king. If you are anything like me, you have grown bored and tired of the same old things; Dota 2 players picking the same old heroes, the staleness of captains mode, and the screams of creatures as they are magically transformed into money. But fear not! For unlike you, powerless to change the world around one's self like a talentless plebeian, everything Mr. Midas touches turns to gold, and this time metaphorically rather than agonizingly physically. So, to you dear viewer, I present...MIDAS MODE!

The Rules

Here in Midas Mode, we have assembled the best teams in the world to fight for victory and domination. Typically teams of such caliber would only be assembled to save the world or some such rubbish, but this tournament they have been assembled to simply compete. Not exciting enough? Well then let’s raise the stakes and put our money where my metaphorical mouth is.

Each team is given a set of starting currency called MOONBUCKS, which they must use for every action in the game. Here is a Chart you rabble like charts.

Things that cost Moonbucks

Drafting Heroes

Each hero’s price will fluctuate after each game, depending on how well they are doing in the tournament. The original price of the heroes will be determined by the current meta, but after the first game unused heroes will drop in price while the used heroes will rise in value.

Banning Heroes

A relatively cheap price to pay, banning heroes will also cost a small amount of moonbucks, depending on the hero’s cost determined by the Drafting Price.


Do not squander my precious time! Dawdlers must pay a small fee to PAUSE. If you have no money left, you can beg- I mean, “ask” the enemy team to pay for your pause, if they happen to be feeling merciful.

Picking Sides

Radiant or Dire? First to Pick or First to Ban? Teams must pay for the mere privilege. Every series will start of with a blind auction, the team that placed a higher offering gets to chose.

That should cover the important stuff. Sure, it doesn't seem much, but the moonbucks drain quickly when you consider that you have a 10 day tournament to get through! Remember, EVERY draft is important. Of course, all is not lost, for there are a few ways to earn back moonbucks. But each has a price.

Things that give Moonbucks


Randoming a hero won't give you some garbage stick and a rotten fruit in my tournament. Rather, it pays you a small handful of moonbucks. Depending on when you random in the draft, your payout will be better. You should be grateful to your king for paying you to entertain him, and not the other way around.

Passing on Bans

IF you are bold enough to forego your ban on a hero, you will be paid Moonbucks for your moxi. Feeling extra confident? Passing on bans exponentially pays you more and more. If you happen to not ban for an entire draft, you’ll receive quite a hefty payout.

Completing bounties

Covered more below, bounties are challenges players can complete which are suggested by the commoners- I mean “community”.


Betting against teams in the other bracket is encouraged, as teams can bet on the victors of series. There is a maximum cap on how much a team can bet, and they must call in with the details of their bet in between each series.

The Brackets

For our first Midas Mode, the greatest teams from North America and Europe have been assembled to battle for dominance. And much like the real world, they really want nothing to do with one another. Midas Mode will be no different, as we will be crowning a North American Midas Mode Champion and a European Midas Mode Champion;

The tournament will begin in a round robin stage, where the 4 teams from each region will battle in best of 3 series. The team with the least points shall be eliminated post haste! the 3 remaining teams will move on. The team that placed the highest however will move straight onto the finals, while the 2 other remaining teams fight in a lower bracket best of 3 semifinal. For tie breakers, we first consider your games won record, then matchups, and if it’s still tied, then the team with the most Moonbucks will continue on. Coin flip? PFHA(scoff mouth noise) the only coins in this mode are for showing how rich you are, the only thing that matters!

Confusing? Here is a picture simpleton. Follow the ropes to follow the teams!

Interested in when to tune in? Why not watch all of it! No? Alright, if you are as busy as myself then have a look at our schedule with our teams so far. *SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

Sat the 18th
Na`Vi vs OG
Na`Vi vs MidOrFeed
Sun the 19th
Optic vs DC
Optic vs Immortals
Mon the 20th
EG vs DC
EG vs Immortals
Tues the 21st
EG vs Optic
DC vs Immortals
Weds the 22nd
OG vs MidOrFeed
Team Liquid vs OG
Thurs the 23rd
Team Liquid vs MidOrFeed
Team Liquid vs Na`Vi
Coming soon!

Audience Participation

Here in Midas Mode, we appreciate our fine benefactors. You reading, dear friend, are one of them! Since you are sitting at the table, you have a say in how we run this show. But don't forget who’s really in charge however. Me. I am in charge. Mr. Midas. Anyway here are the many ways you can be involved.

The Bounty System

The Floor Is Lava

Each day on r/Dota2, after the show, we will have a thread open for your suggestions on in game bounties for the players to complete for moonbucks. Each morning I will select 10 of your bounties and announce the ones chosen, along with their respective payoffs. Get creative, and get crazy! Bounties are only limited to your imagination! We will only separate bounties by those which require a team to win and those that only need to be completed.

Midas Mode Interactive

Twitch Chat Interactions

For every hour you watch Midas Mode in chat, you yourself can earn additional Moonbucks. With these earned moonbucks, you can play the Hero Stock market for your benefit. Access the cost of heroes on the Hero Stock Market on our Website, and bet if a hero will be drafted before a match begins. Too specific? Bet before each match on which team will win. Whoever has the most moonbucks per day will receive a prize, and top moonbuck earners of the entire tournament will receive prizes as well!

The Bell


What is the bell? How is it interactive? What does it do? Tune in to find out!

Is this all not enough for you? Well then HOW ABOUT ME?Is this all not enough for you? Well then HOW ABOUT ME?

Introducing, Mr. Midas, the Midas Mode Courier! Created by Hawf and ToFo! I appear in game to carry around your unhelpful garbage and bring a hint of class to an otherwise drab and gaudy battle. BEHOLD MY SPLENDOR

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*Also includes the Midas Mode Ticket for your in game viewing pleasure.

A very Special Thanks to our Sponsors, who have made this event possible

Thank you for reading, and thank you for watching! Also thank you for leaving. Get the hell out of my lounge you peasant.